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Indie Game Developer
Indie Game Developer


Passionate Indie Game Developer, artist, composer and game designer! I love making fun, original and out of the box games!



Game Developer
Freelancer - Freelance
Mar 2016 - Aujourd'hui (6 ans et 2 mois)
Freelance game developer working for several projects


Cowardly Heroes

A fun 2D arcade pixel themed casual endless runner mobile game!

Play using several characters, dodge obstacles, overcome enemies, get lucky or unlucky, have fun and good luck beating those high scores!

Compete with your friends to see who reaches the furthest! Discover new levels and new challenges. Earn cons, buy upgrades, each time you go further and further. And most of all, have fun doing it!

⚡ For how long can you dodge the lasers?


Game made 100% by me from zero. For more info email me.

Iris Edge Studios is proud of every launched product and love to see our users having the most fun they can have!

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Cowardly Heroes