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Timothee BRUNEAU (TimothéeBRUNEAU)

Game designer / Narrative designer
Timothee BRUNEAU (TimothéeBRUNEAU)
Game designer / Narrative designer


Game designer student of IIM (Institute Internet & Multimedia) located in La Défense, France. 
Looking for a 6 month, full time internship starting in January.
Specialized in game design (system & mechanics) and Narrative design. 
Interested for both mobile game and PC/Console games.
Knowledge on Unity and Unreal Engine 4. 

Big fan of Idle game / tycoon and strategy games on mobile ,and RPG / RTS/ FPS (i like acronyms) and racing games on pc/console



25/10/20: Amazing opportunity, I have the chance to present for the first time our game Elypse to the preshow of "Jeux made in france". 
Great first experience of showing our work to a broad and live audience. Preshow hosted by Billichou and GobGG to test the game. 
Peak at 3000 viewers ! 

01/10/2020 Second amazing opportunity: our game Elypse is nominated one of the best student game of the "Jeux made in france" preshow and tested by youtubers in front of 10 000 viewers

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