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Alexandre Andrieu (Yskandarr)

Executive Producer
France, Toulouse
Alexandre Andrieu (Yskandarr)
Executive Producer


Escape, discover, marvel, reflect ... Start over! Thanks to video games for its diversity.
Let yourself embark on our creations, together our journey begins, it is our turn to make you dream.

Master 2 student at Gaming Business School, specializing in project management and innovation in the video game sector. Co-founder of a video game studio, PrismaStone Studio.

I like to escape into video games to experience emotions and discover new worlds. I am fortunate to have grown up with remarkable games that opened me up to reflection and allowed me to have good times with my loved ones. I want to be able to transmit this passion in my turn.

This field is constantly evolving, it is essential to adapt and question yourself in order to move forward. Indeed, the challenges and stakes are many, and my aspiration is to be part of the trip. Let's create new experiences together, and let our creativity run free.

PrismaStone is a project for the future, in the long term. I want to be able to put my person, my history and my encounters into stories that transport the players. Make them dream, think, have fun and marvel, that is my goal.

I look forward to sailing alongside you, our imagination awaits us on the horizon.



Executive Producer
PrismaStone Studio
Apr 2021 - Aujourd'hui (3 ans)
Independent video game studio, above all a passion, a dream and today a reality. I'm in charge of : Strategic management / Financial and budgetary management / Project management / Team management / From life to work: I make sure that everyone can find their place and keep smiling :)


Gaming Business School
Master II, Entrepreneurship and management of video game innovation
Sep 2020 - Sep 2022