Sleepy Trouble

This is an entry to the Ludum Dare 48 game jam.

---------- Team ----------

@stevi60   - Main Programmer

@weiph - Co-Programmer & Level Designer

@d3lt4 - Sound Designer

@chatdeau - 2D Artist

@guillaumecarle - 2D Artist [Behance link]


Delve deep into Mary's nightmares. 

She needs your help to find her Teddy Bear which is the key to overcome the darkness of her dreams. But be careful, her soul can't spend to much time out of her body.

Explore the dark mansion of Mary's dreams . Run, dash and destroy walls with the powers of her soul. Open locked doors as you get deeper and deeper into her dreams and find the key to save Mary from her nightmares.



WASD | Arrow Keys | Left Joystick - Move

Space | A Button - Jump

Z | H | Left or Right Trigger - Dash

X | J | Y Button - Shockwave

C | K | X Button - Recall

V | L | B Button - Interact