France, PARIS 15


AVATAR MEDICAL SAS is an exciting new MedTech start-up that radically enhances the manner in which surgeons prepare their surgeries.

Based on technology developed at the Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie (https://diva.pasteur.fr/), AVATAR MEDICAL uses advanced image processing algorithms coupled with virtual reality (VR) to transform medical images (e.g. CT-scans, MRI) into lifelike patient avatars. This vehicle grants surgeons an excellent understanding of their patients' pathology via an immersive and interactive VR experience. Our technology is meant to facilitate communication between radiologists and surgeons, allowing a more efficient and rapid surgical planning. Our technology has been recognized with numerous scientific and medical journal publications and AVATAR MEDICAL is a laureate of the prestigious BPI i-Lab Competition for innovative startup companies.

AVATAR MEDICAL's leadership team consists of passionate French and American co-founders with proven experience in tech entrepreneurship, sales, marketing and scientific research. Our technology, being commercialized between France and the USA, is developed by a talented team of physicists and software engineers who work closely with the Decision & Bayesian Computation Laboratory at Institut Pasteur (member of the Paris Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, PRAIRIE) and the Breast Cancer, Gynecologic Cancer and Reconstructive Surgery Unity at the Institut Curie.