Game studio specialised in (fun) serious games
Netherlands, Tilburg


BlewScreen is a game studio located right in the middle of the Benelux. They make games, apps and other applications that involve game principles. Involving projects both on assignment and on their own initiative. This includes everything between Virtual reality serious games and low-threshold gamification. In terms of their approach, it is first about getting the content clear and then about “gameplay” and the total user experience. BlewScreen's specialty is conveying information in a playful and catchy way through low-threshold interactivity.

The work of BlewScreen, which is made for various clients, can be found online or offline in museums, fairs, workshops, exhibitions and even in a classroom.

In that respect BlewScreen is versatile within its field. In addition, they also keep the focus on what the essential effect of a specific project should be. Effect is achieved by experiencing. The outcome is that content will stick with a user.