Firesquid (Publishing company)

Indie publisher (straegizing and thinking games)
France, Paris


We are a Franco-Swedish Paris based progressive indie publisher. Our sister company Lightbulb Crew developed the critically acclaimed title Othercide across PC, XBOX1, PS4 and Switch consoles. The team working at Firesquid has the opportunity to work on both sides of the industry: as developers and as publishers. This said, we put our partners in the first place and aim to co-market, co-fund and publish innovative high quality projects with creative resourceful teams behind them. Our goal is to always stay fair towards our partners and honest towards our players, creating a strong sense of community in a global diverse setting.
Firesquid publishes games that include strategizing and thinking. Whether it is a grand strategy game, a city-builder or any other game where the brain is the most important muscle, these are games that Firesquid publishes.