Who is behind Arcadia Corp?

Behind Arcadia Corp., there are simply two friends . Two developers, two french guys, two passionate about the world of video games and technological developments. A world in which there are many projects and endless creativity. Everyone can showcase their skills, experience and unique universe.

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Olivier Debevec
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Alexandre Guignebert
We are Olivier and Alexandre! After several years working together in a previous company, we took on the challenge to develop our own video game. We then found ourselves confronted with a well-known problem in this field: the difficulty of transforming an idea into a marketable game.

How did the idea for the project come about?

We realized that to create a video game, idea and the passion are not enough. You have to know how to surround yourself with profiles with the right skills. From programming to graphic arts, through musical composition, marketing ... it is not always easy to find the right people, in a context that is at the same time simple, modern and human .

The project to create our video game quickly evolved, because another idea had just germinate! That of creating a community from all walks of life that can pool their skills to form a united, active and responsive circle !

How it all began?

In July 2020, a new adventure was born ... And we were not disappointed! From this beautiful collaboration was born Arcadia Corp. : our platform which brings together video game creators and organizations.

A real community focused on mutual aid , bringing together video game creators and the talents they need to complete their team.

But in fact, why Arcadia?

In Greek mythology , Arcadia is a mountain, a place of refuge for the nymphs. A sanctuary dedicated to creativity , expression and evolution of the art of each of these creatures.

Symbol of a heavenly world, full of imagination and source of innovation , the name "Arcadia" lends itself perfectly to our idea of this community!

Simply a community?

After several months spent developing this project, we realized the benefits of this type of community. Members feel free to create and collaborate on various projects.

Arcadia Corp. puts forward all the people who participate in the creation of a game. Indeed, we believe that each profile is unique and essential to arrive at the final result. Whether you are a studio, a creator, a small or a large team, or an intern, everyone has their place in Arcadia Corp.!

As technological developments and needs are constantly changing, Arcadia Corp. adapts to meet new demands . Thanks to our interactive map , you can now visualize studios, associations, schools and companies.

Why an interactive map?

The interactive map system highlights the dynamism of cities and regions . It allows you to view a large panel of organizations linked to the creation, training and promotion of video games, in France and elsewhere.

You can position your organization there on your own, simply and free of charge. All you need to do is create an account, then complete the necessary information (name, logo, address, description and link).

What are our values, our commitments?

As you will have understood, our goal is to facilitate the creation of your video games, through values such as mutual aid , respect , creativity and conviviality!

In addition, when we want to put people first, it is important to be able to offer fair prices , allowing everyone to be able to develop their projects.

Some figures to get to know us better?

The figures being sometimes more meaningful than words, here is a selection of some more precise data:

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