Boost your career

with an improved profile

Put the odds on your side by taking advantage of the advanced features!

  • Up to 20 elements in your Profile
  • Add buttons
5 €
  • Includes the benefits of Bronze
  • Up to 35 elements in your Profile
  • Add GIF (< 500Kb)
  • Mail filtering
  • GIF in avatar image
  • YouTube playlist
  • SoundClound playlist
  • Receive recruitment offers as soon as they are published
20 €
  • Include the benefits of Silver
  • Up to 65 elements in your Profile
  • Video in banner
  • Add web video games
  • Highlighting the profile during an application
50 €

Your applications highlighted

Some offers receive dozens of applications, or even more ...

With the boost, your applications will always be at the top of the stack.

Be visible even when applying to an offer published several days ago!

Your profile improved

Enrich your page
No longer be limited to 15 elements and show the extent of your talent.
Bring your profile to life
Liven up your profile page with GIFs to make it more attractive and to stand out from the crowd.
Boost your networks
Add buttons allowing easy access to other sites (portfolio, creations, networks, etc.).

Received emails improved

Make your search easier and receive only the offers that interest you with advanced email filtering. You will be able to filter according to the following criteria:

  • Sector (Game art, Development, Composition and sound design, etc.)
  • Type of contract (Temporary position, Permanent position, Internship, etc.)
  • Geolocation (Country)
  • Remote (with or without)
  • By keywords


Take advantage of the boost and all of its features to boost your career!