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Post your job offer freely, you will be charge 47.99€ only if at least one person applied.
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Pay only if one person applied

We believe that you do not have to pay if the service does not help you.

That's why you will be charge only if one person applied to your job offer.

A unique and reasoned price

On Arcadia Corp, it's easy to calculate the cost of your ads. The price to add one job is 47.99€ whatever your type of recruitment, the size of your studio or the number of offers you already added.

Your job offer will be visible for 90 days on this website, published in the newsletter and posted on several specialized networks.

Advanced features

Dashboard and integrated chat
Simply follow the progress of applications with the dashboard and the integrated chat. Automatic responses are available to save you time!
ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
Do you have a recruitment tool?
No problem! You can provide a link to redirect applicants to your system.
Email frequency
Avoid being overloaded with emails by choosing a summary once per day or per week.

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Quickly and easily create your offers to find the video game creators you need!